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Capabilities of Reginson Engineering Ltd

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The capacity listing at the bottom of the page highlights the wide range of CNC Turning and CNC milling machines used to service the needs of our customers. Also, our extensive list of approved sub-contractors provides us with a wide scope for reliable treatments and testing.

Reginson Engineering Ltd has the people, systems and machinery to be a major supply chain partner with many major manufacturing companies. Our customer base, component types, and manufacturing capability are all increasing.

The main engineering facility, based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire has approximately 17,000 square feet of factory floor space with 50 CNC machines. A second 23,000 square feet' machine shop has been recent acquired to add additional machines in for future growth.

Major customers include Rolls-Royce (UK and Deutschland), Goodrich, Dowty, Meggitt, HS Marston, ITP and Parker Hannifin. The company holds BS EN 9100 which replaced ISO9001 in 2005. We are familiar with the quality controls imposed on Rolls-Royce and Goodrich sub-tier suppliers and are fully compliant with their requirements and First Article Inspection Report processes.

As a business Reginson Engineering employs over 90 staff at our Nuneaton facility and 45 working in India.

engineered Components


Qty Machine X Y Z
1 Dahli Twin Pallet Verticle m/c centre 800mm 800mm 500mm
4 Vertical HAAS Mini - VMC 508mm 508mm 406mm
2 Vertical HAAS VF2 VMC (4th axis) 762mm 406mm 508mm
6 Vertical HAAS VF1 VMC 508mm 406mm 508mm
1 HAAS VF-OE 1000mm 500mm 500mm


Qty Machine dia length centres bar feed
2 HAAS HL2 250mm 500mm 600mm 52mm
1 HAAS HL4 368mm 750mm 770mm 65mm
4 Twaiwan Takisawa EX106 188mm 300mm 400mm 52mm
2 Twaiwan Takisawa EX108 328mm 482mm 482mm 52mm
1 Twaiwan Takisawa EX110 - 2 with live tools 482mm 370mm 580mm 86mm
1 Twaiwan Takisawa EX310 482mm 370mm 580mm 86mm
4 Twaiwan Takisawa EX308 with live tools 260mm 530mm 600mm 52mm
2 DOOSAN LATHES 188mm 300mm 400mm 52mm
1 Citizen Sliding Head 7 Axis Lathe with 3 mtr bar feed 16mm 320mm n/a 16mm
1 Citizen Sliding Head 7 Axis Lathe with 3.5 mtr bar feed 20mm 500mm n/a 20mm
4 HAAS ST-10 210mm 356mm 300mm 40mm
4 HAAS ST-20 381mm 521mm 521mm 51mm
3 HAAS ST-30 533mm 660mm 762mm 76mm
2 KIA SKT - 200 210mm 300mm 300mm 65mm
3 KIA SKT - 100 165mm 300mm 300mm 45mm
2 DOOSAN Z 290 SMY Twin Turret & Sub spindle 290mm 580mm n/a 66mm
2 OKUMA Space TURN LB300-M CNC lathe complete with tail stock 381mm 521mm 300mm 51mm
1 Matsuura Twin Pallet Horizontal Machining Centre, Model MC-610H-45-PC2S Pallet Size 450mm x 450mm, Equipped with 60 ATL, X = 610mm Y = 450mm Z = 550mm, Spindle Speed 30-6000RPM


Qty Machine
1 Bridgeport Turret Mill with DRO
1 Centreless Grinding machine
1 Jones & Shipman Universal Grinding machine
1 Churchill Surface Grinder
1 Cincinnati Horizontal Mill
1 Band Saw
1 Kaltenbach large diameter multi angle Saw
engineered Component