Reginson engineering specialise in the production of 'precision machined components' ranging from one-off to multi-batch work.

We have enjoyed the benefits of many years experience in sub contract machining. The company has gained recognition in having the ability to produce a wide range of complex or simple components in a diverse range of materials. These range from non ferrous to more exotic nickel based alloys.

Our reputation has been gained by serving a wide sector of industries - each customer is treated with the same approach to quality and delivery.

Engineered Components

Our product range include, machined components for aero engine parts, Formula 1 racing cars, missile actuators, and hydraulics fitting.

Whatever our customer requires we deliver on time, with parts right first time.

Reginson Engineering also carries stock of a wide range of SBAC standards in the AS and AGS range:

  • AS15700 - AS15711
  • AS15720 - AS15743
  • AS15776 - AS15787
  • AS15800 - AS15823
  • AS26400 - AS20739
  • AS27350 - AS27339
  • AS27400 - AS27449
  • AS44680 - range
  • AS44695 - range
  • AS44800 - AS44817
  • AS52800 - AS52849

Whatever your requirements in whatever material Reginson Engineering Ltd will guarantee production in the most economical method to your specified delivery date.

Engineered Components